5 WTF Moments from the Spiti Valley Bicycle Ride

You read my Spiti Bicycle Ride Notes, your saw the photos; you liked it and appreciated it. Many thanks…

Now on a lighter note, here are my favourite WTF moments from the Spiti Valley Bicycle Ride.

1. 21kms for that 3kms We had taken a couple of days halt at Tapri; and at least I in my mind was relaxed because next day we had to cover only 25kms to reach Reckong Peo, of which only last 5kms is uphill. Rest all just a cruise parallel to the river.

But when we began this day, within exit of Tapri we saw a 21kms uphill diversion to Chooling due to landslide. Chooling my friends was just 3kms away from the diversion via the regular route.

For a mere 3kms we were off on a uphill path of 21kms.

WTF; Shoot me now.

2. Why Pedal Downhill! All this time we were enjoying whenever there was a downhill stretch. It was a moment to take a breather from the constant pedaling. But here after entering Spiti Valley I don’t understand; why on some downhill paths we had to pedal.

Despite the decline the bike was not catching up any speed.

It was strange and silly experience.

WTF; somebody give me a rocket booster.

3. Wind in My Face, Please No Thanks On a motorcycle the wind in your face is quite pleasing; but here on 0 BHP wind in face means pedaling against the wind to the last light.

Post Rampur we always got head wind after 3pm until Manali.

WTF; The feeling was like pedaling on the indoor cardio cycling machine with constant level 10 mode.

4. Where the Hell is All the Food Going By day 8 of the ride we could feel a shift in out metabolic rate. Whatever we eat was getting instantly digested.

We were hungry after breakfast, we were hungry after lunch and… we were hungry after dinner.

WTF; We were craving for sweets and beer always …and liquids throughout the ride.

5. Mr. Turkey Somewhere in the middle of the ride we got this pride and ego in ourselves. Any motorcyclist who use to pass by raising a thumbs up, we were enunciating ‘Bitch Please…’; 🙂 LOL…we were finding it very funny. Everyone tends to glorify their motorcycle rides in the Himalayas nowadays and we were like Bitch Please do it on 0 bhp.

It all went fine for few days until we reached Tabo. Upon reaching a cyber cafe we met a guy from Turkey who rode all the way on his bicycle, weighting 80kgs. (A Grand Bitch Please to us.) And over that he says I don’t feel I have cycled enough until I cover at least 20000kms. Our jaws dropped upon hearing this.

After this incident we were brought back on the ground; and in Abhilabh a Russian spirit came in (though the guy was from Turkey :-D) Hence onwards Abhi spoke everything in Russian accent. It was a ROFL acts to the end of the ride.

Why WTF!? …its because every time we were climbing steep slopes, he would do his Russian accent and smash all the focus and enthusiasm accumulated. I myself slipped on my own pedal once.

Hilarious it was..

5 Things to Learn from the Movie ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’

Critics will view this Ben Stiller movie, ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty‘ from various angles and present you with deep analysis on the theme, subject, performances and I don’t know what all they bring in to make their piece long and meaty.

I on the other hand would just like to mention 5 things we all should learn from this movie. Most of us are well aware of these 5 things, but from time to time we tend to forget them or ignore them. So here is something to refresh and remind us of life’s oldest formula to success and happiness.

1. Dreaming is Important

I have attended many personality development sessions, speech improving classes, participated in leadership programs and various other seminars that teaches us to be a better human being. Of all the wisdom given to us, the one thing common in everyone’s curriculum is the concept of ‘Dreaming’. They all say, dreaming is important, dreaming gives you a vision of your future. You have to see yourself in a picture 10 years from now.

It all sounds dramatic but honestly it takes quite a significant about of time to realize the Dreaming part of those teachings. Initially we all take such guiding lessons as entertainment. Only in time we realize the importance of Dream — A Vision.

Ben Stiller’s character, Walter Mitty, dreams of many things he wants to do in his life. He got the first gear right and it acts as an invitation to our destiny to bring on the next… This is how our Almighty works.

2. Chasing Dreams is Even More Important

You are the person who is dreaming day and night. You are seeing a vision of betterment for yourself and the society. Well you are no different; we all are on the same track. What sets you apart is when you begin the pursuit of your dream — the pursuit of happiness. One has to go through hell in chasing the dream — trying to make the vision a reality.

Takes a second to have a dream and years to realize it. The race has begun. Chase your dream and beat it at the finish line.

To find that one negative Ben Stiller goes through an epic journey of a lifetime. He is not ready to stop until he accomplishes his mission. All this time what dreams and visions he was imagining, he is now turning them into reality.

3. Adventure is a Must

Adventure is embedded in our DNA. There is no soul in the world who is afraid of a little adventure. Even the people who say they are not adrenaline junky, are dying from inside to do something adventurous. Its the logic of mind that they don’t let go… and bow down to the fear the heart stimulates.

In life, adventure is must. Its the most effective way that brings the best in you. Makes you realize the unseen value of life — that higher level you didn’t know existed…

What Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) keeps dreaming about something awesome, truly goes after it and lives an adventurous thrilling expedition. His personality blooms up and he becomes the phrase, ‘Just be yourself’.. ‘Your True Self’.

4. Why Not to Give Up

In the lost scriptures of ancient India, there is a simple saying about the human mind and body. A person will excel in any task he undertakes for all the right reasons instantly, over the wrong ones. Let me illustrate with an anecdote. There is a guy I know who use to like a girl in his college. He had sweet feelings for her but never took a moment to express his fondness for her. It was not that he was afraid but he felt he was not suitable for her. The only cause for him to think so was his over weight built. He gave a shot at working out and getting back in shape. In a year, there was no significant improvement. Years passed; this chapter was closed. And one day I met him near my residence. I could hardly recognize him. He had lost tremendous weight and was lean now. When we got talking, he narrated me what he felt all this time. He said that in a bid to woe her, he was trying to get in shape. But when that phase passed, he started working out only to make himself happy; to make himself proud of what he has created. He attained the results in just 6 months.

There is a fine line between the right and wrong reasons. The moment you hit a wall and lean on the feeling of giving up, you need to push through that wall; for success lies just beyond it. Its the only fastest way to reach for the heavenly glory.

We all start from the level zero and ascent slowly up the ladder. To reach the top level, it takes time, patience and a pinch of faith.

In the chase to find Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn), Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) comes across many difficult situations. Some even gigantic enough to make him turn back. But his determination to find Sean is so unshakable, he dives through all the challenges and only keeps moving forward.

5. The Answer Lies Just Under the Nose

The game play of karma is a funny one. Many a time the answer to our problem is right under our nose. Just because our eyes cannot see that area we tend to ramble here and there in search of solution. Call it God’s ingenuity or his miracle, its the mystery in finding these answers that takes us on life altering endeavors. Teaches us about the higher value of life and fellowship; and brings us back home right where the answer always was. Only the journey we set on to seek, makes us wise enough to understand these answers.

Walter Mitty finds the film negative right at home, in the gift he was presented with; the message had mentioned look inside (for the negative) but Walter mistook it to be some quote related to the motto of Life magazine. His mistake takes him on a ride of his lifetime. Makes him a better human being and life brings him back home to the one thing he was looking for (negative). Only this time, he is a New Man.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend India Bike Week

India Bike Week has been promoted as the biggest biking event to ever happen in India. Riders arrive from all parts of the country to experience the grand event in Goa. Over two days there is a wide range of activities that takes place throughout the day. A biker group or a solo seeker will find his plate full and ample things to do here. And if nothing works out? Hey! You are in Goa. Even the loneliest of all souls can find solace here… 😉

Although like any other event, this one too has its flaws and setbacks. The first edition was even criticized a lot on various issues. However, based on my experience at India Bike Week, going once solo and another time in a group, I would like to give you 5 reasons why you should attend the IBW fest.

1. Knowledge –

We always see the entertainment part of such events but what you should try and perceive is how much knowledge unknowingly comes by your side for your benefit. Let me share a few instances; at the IBW 2013 edition, many great biking personalities were invited to be honored for their work in the two wheeler industry. One such personality was Subhash Chandra Bose a.k.a. Bullet Bose. Of the 5 minutes he spoke on stage before accepting an award, each and every single word from his mouth was inspiring. His quote, “Accidents don’t just happen, you are always at fault. Work on your errors and misjudgments.’, still remains my motto on the highway.

Hidden under the coat of entertainment, many such knowledge and wisdom is present at the venue, all you need to do is become a keen observant and sharp on ears.

For 2nd instance, at IBW 2014 edition, I went in the big cinemas section where Bharadwaj Dayala was giving a speech on his solo ride across the world. The very next program was First Aid on the Highway by Dr. Arnob Gupta. I was not knowing this and since it was something that I always ignored, I decided to sit through the session to gain some first hand knowledge.

Some educative info I received about first aid. Some important facts that I was not aware of, while some tips and techniques that can be applied on, in case of emergency. A safety protocol and experiences shared by others from the audience — Totally worth it.

It’s said so, ‘Knowledge is power, knowledge is golden.’ Then why not gather as much as you can to master yourself in the biking arena.

2. Contacts –

If you are coming from business point of view then surely you’ll make lot of contacts here. It’s believed, no matter how educated and rich you are, without the right contacts it’s next to hell working up the ladder. One phone call from the right person can do wonders for your business.

IBW is attended my many media groups as well as known personalities and your competition. So it’s an ideal ground for building contacts that will come to use may be later. Get acquainted with important people, share your ideas with like minded enthusiasts, grab hold of one PR representative to keep you updated on further events.

Idea is to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

3. Brotherhood –

There was a time when people use to call me crazy for what I was doing. And I thought I was alone in it. When social media kicked in, I got connected with infinite networks and so many of you bikers got linked. IBW is a cool place for all of us from far corners of the country to gather at one place for meet up, quick ride or just talks. Many a times we have so many in our network that with most we only have corresponded on the social media platform. Meeting up in person is a whole different emotion. A feeling of brotherhood naturally emerges. There is more respect and gratitude for the person, for the biker.

(One can always ring for help or assistance. When you are far from home, you know there is a rider at the closest town who can back you up.)

P.S. You also get a reality check on things that I’ll not mention. 🙂

4. The Other Side –

Here is my favorite part. An observation I have in my head which I’m gonna name it ‘The Other Side’.

You see be it biking or any other sport, there is always the other side. In this case, I’m referring to the show off image. Now many of you might feel offended but I suggest to take it sportingly.

At events like IBW, you get to see the real biker and the biker inspired from reel. There are so many wannabes nowadays that it has become difficult to come in touch with the right group. Many appear giant, smart and full of advices, turn out to be the other guys. You will be disappointment to find out that your hero is actually a comedian or a sidekick. 😛

But when you meet these ‘other guys’, you get a testimony on how good you have become yourself, how well you are on the correct path. Be proud.

Besides it’s just plain entertainment to observe the wannabes. You will definitely have something to laugh about at dinner.

5. Goa –

If I can not give you a reason then hey! Come down for Goa.

You work very hard, you slog it out. Give yourself a break at the beginning of the year and ride down to Goa. Celebrate your biking life on the land of beaches and enjoy your time here. There is plenty to do and experience. Just catch few hours of IBW and then head out to enjoy yourself.

Group, solo, whatever… Goa is the sin city of India. 😛

Review: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The ViaTerra Fly Camera DSLR Tankbag

I recently came back from my longest solo ride to the Himalayas, Jammu Kashmir State and the journey has been a Bliss.

An experience to cherish.

I believe many factors of a good and successful ride, has some relation with the gear, luggage and things you carry on the trip.

When I listed out the things I want on this ride (Clothes, Writing Material, Bike Spares), I found that a standard Cramster Saddle Bag will do fine. But the very purpose of this ride was to quench my thirst of ‘Photography Full Time’ in the Himalayas. So I wanted the camera gear to be at quick access throughout the trip.

And after putting some thought on my options, I decided to get myself the ViaTerra Fly Camera DSLR Tankbag.

I had my eyes on it since the day it was launched. Just it was a new product in the market so was not sure whether it will do right or not! — Should I take a chance or not?

But the advantage to me was that all products of ViaTerra are designed by avid bikers themselves. And FLY comes from the artist who created Bike Chronicles of India.

So using their product eyes closed, was a safe bet.

For 36 days this bag accompanied me on the trip and there are few things I learned about it on the go. Not even ViaTerra guys are aware of its Full Potential 🙂

Here I present you 5 things you didn’t know about the ViaTerra Fly Camera DSLR Tankbag

  1. Clothes: In the default features of the bag its a clear mention that its a camera tankbag. So its pretty much given, that its not to store spare clothes. Just your photography gear. Although you can squeeze something in if its a challenge. But they will create obstruction when accessing the camera. Solution! You see, at the bottom of the bag, a compartment opens up where the mounting and fastening straps are stored. You’ll be surprised to know what else it can take in. I managed to put in 1 thin towel, 2 Tshirts, 1 undergarment and few smaller items. Now that’s the luggage of a weekend trip on bike.
  2. Mount on Tank using Carabiners!  Now this one doesn’t applies to all bikes, but goes for most. There are some bikes available here in India, where you can mount a bungee net on their fuel tank. On the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 I used a bungee net on its enormous tank, with offcourse a cloth in between for protecting the tank from scratches. And I affixed the FLY on the net using carabiner keychains. Now the advantage? You can mount and dismount the bag quickly as compared to the bags default mounting system. The net also becomes a great utility.
  3. 1 DSLR and 1 lens? As per the specs the bag can accommodate 1 DSLR and 1 telephoto lens. But if just look inside and you’ll immediately hunch that FLY can accommodate 2 DSLRs, even if both have telephoto lens affix on them. Assuming you have nothing bigger than 50mm prime in the lens pocket. Only an experienced photographer knows that if you want to enjoy travel photography at the fullest then its best to have 2 DSLRs along; one for telephoto shots and the other for wide angle. In the process of changing lens constantly, you lose the moment.
  4. Mount Over Saddle Bag: Be it any company saddle bag, they always have a handle on the top to help you lift the bag while mounting or dismounting from the bike. Now if you see, the two handles perfectly line up along the rear seat of the bike. I kept the Fly on the rear seat and locked it down using the same carabiner key-chains on to those handles. In my personal opinion, I liked it more on the rear seat than on the tank. I’m not sure but I think this feeling is because I was riding a cruiser!
  5. For Motorcyclist – Hikers: There are hikers who use a typical trekking backpack for mountain/hill trips. There are Bikers who prefer a tank bag for short rides. And then there are some photo enthusiasts who along with a backpack or tank bag, carry one more small bag for the camera gear. FLY, just combines the 2 scenarios into 1. I’m not saying its go anywhere bag, but for the simple cool weekend rides/trips, this just fits the script.

Many of you must have read some of its reviews and user feedback online.But for those who don’t want to go through all the research and feedback, I’m summing it in just one sentence — FLY is a great product; your money is well spent.

Next I’m trying out this tank bag on my Ninja 250R. Whether it will hold steady! or create obstruction? Find out in my next post.

Fly tank bag
FLY in Zanskar


Fly tank bag
FLY in Spiti


Fly tank bag
FLY in Himachal


Fly tank bag
FLY in Ladakh


Fly tank bag
ViaTerra Fly Camera Tank Bag


Fly Tank Bag
Mounted and Fasten on Rear Seat using Carabiners


Fly Tank Bag
Fly with and without Rain Cover


Suggestions to ViaTerra Team –

– The strap for the backpack mode can be a little longer. May be 6 inches more.

– Just above the pocket of additional lens, one more fastening strip can be affixed to hold one more DSLR (when the lens pouch is empty.) So basically the bag can hold 2 DSLRs.

5 Things You’ll Love About the KTM Duke 390

Just couple a days ago, Overdrive published the first ride impression of KTM Duke 390 on their Youtube channel. Their auto-journalist Shumi test rode the KTM Duke 390 in Austria.

India models have only minute changes in them but overall package remain the same.

[vsw id=”s_Pvl5X30Rs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

After listening to the insights,  here are 5 things I’m sure you’ll love about the big Duke.

1. The Real Power –

It was widely discussed that the Duke 200 is powerful enough to give competition to the quarter litre segment. But I think its not a correct way to classify a bike. You are either in the quarter litre segment or not. Duke 200 where its positioned, is doing fine over there. Comparing it with Ninja 250R and the CBR 250R is just not logical.

Now finally, the Duke gets the bigger engine. The one really meant for it and this is how it should be. Duke is now ready to roll with the big boys; and who knows may be even brush off with a couple.

The power specs of the bike are so impressive that without doubt KTM Duke 390, is the real pocket rocket…

2. The Sensational Colour Scheme –

There are two bikes in India that you can spot from a mile away and immediately say which one it is — The Kawasaki Ninja 250R / 300 and the KTM Duke 200. The tradition stay on with the new Duke. The new colour scheme on the chassis and the mag wheel are really striking, loud, bright and its screening with attitude. I do hope some cool power wears are also mode available in India for this beauty.

3. The ABS Toggle Switch –

If Kawasaki would have introduced ABS in Ninja 300 for India version then I’m sure it would have been a permanent setting. But KTM has heard the tourer as well as stunters plea and the ultra advance ABS in Duke 390 has been introduced with a toggle switch. Pop a wheelie when its off or ride relaxed on wet roads with the function on. Insider say the ABS in Duke 390 is more advance than the one introduced in CBR250R. I like it, would love to experience the feeling.

4. The Tall 6th Gear –

Honestly, bikers in India are more into touring than stunts. Or the right way to put this will be the number of tourers are just more than the guys who are purely into stunting. So its obvious, the touring criteria needs a little more preference on the stock machine.

The tall 6th gear comes to give you the advantage. Truly I’ll enjoy long distance rides on this naked beast. The whole new gearbox design and performance is worth an applaud.

5. The Apt Bike for Raid de Himalaya –

In 2012, the top 6 positions in the Raid de Himalaya Rally were taken by the Duke 200. The KTM team had given full support to the participants and customized their machines as per the terrain demanded. But at the end of the day, the core component will still be a 200cc mill, on an ascended level. Overall is good deal. Yes! But still that punch factor is missing.

Now with the Duke 390 ready to roll, the challenge gets the right instrument. The pace set should be faster, quicker and rapid than ever before. I like the swiftness of this bike. You can practically imagine it.


5 Useful Accessories for the New Ninja 300

After the entire patient wait for the new Ninja 300 from Kawasaki, it is finally available for bookings at a Pro biking dealer near you. It’s supposed to be the next gen upgrade to the best selling quarter litre bike of all time – The Ninja 250R. To takes things even further I went scouting for some cool accessories for the Ninja 300. Checkout my pick…

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Review also present on Wanderlust Biker.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300 now has dual independent head lamps

1. Adjustable levers

Apparently, Kawasaki has provided adjustable brake and clutch levers for the 650cc and upward segments. Adjustable levers add comfort and convenience for riding as well as enhance the handling of the motorcycle. Not the aftermarket levers, but OEM products are available on Amazon for the Kawasaki Ninja 300. If you don’t prefer the online option, wait a little for them to arrive at the motorcycle accessory stores of India.

2. Aftermarket exhaust

If you think the sound of the exhaust has been beefed up in the new Ninja 300, you are sorely mistaken. Sorry about that! Despite altering the low and mid level torque along with a few tweaks, the sound of the exhaust remains pretty close to that of the Ninja 250R. If you are looking for that roar in your Ninja 300, pick the aftermarket exhausts. Some good ones are from Yoshimura, M4 and Leo Vince GP Corsa Slip-On Exhaust.

3. Crash guard

Like it or not, a crash guard is the most important accessory to buy for a motorcycle. Be it Kawasaki or any other brand, to protect the bike in case of a fall, it is absolutely necessary. You could also save a few bucks on the bill thereafter. OEM as well as aftermarket parts are available for the Ninja 300.

Ninja 300

Ninja 300 at the press launch

4. Wheel rim tapes and Tank pad

Accessories, not just for protection, but also for styling are worth spending money on. The tank pad and rim tapes have little safety feature attached to them but they are great products to add some shine and spark to the motorcycle. My personal take? White rim tapes go nicely with the Ninja 300 Green while the red ones suit the White 300.  As for the tank pad, you have a couple of options with the Ninja theme. A simple carbon black still looks best.

5. Front mud guard fender extension

Very few people know about this accessory. Only Kawasaki Ninja riders know that there is not much protection given to the radiator of the bike. The dirt and debris which fly off the front tyre hit the radiator grill head on, eventually damaging the pattern of the grill on the radiator. As per Kawasaki, it is not a threat but taking into consideration the Indian road conditions, you may even see a rock flying off and racing towards your bike.

‘Pyramid Plastics Kawasaki Ninja 250R 08-11 Fender Extender’ is available for the Ninja 250R and the same fits on the new Ninja 300 as well. It is a must have for all Indian riders who intend to buy the new Ninja 300.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Accessories

Vital accessories for the new Kawasaki Ninja 300

Most products and accessories for the Kawasaki Ninja 300 are available on Amazon.com but now, with the launch of the bike in India, some of them will be available in biking accessory stores across India in less than a month.

5 Supercool Electric Bikes

Lately Electric Motorcycles have been coming in my mind. So many advance and state-of-the-art bikes are coming up almost in every quarter, there is no respite when it comes to the cost of fuel nowadays. Its overall on an upscale  progress and its only going to go further up in the coming time.

So one day I just went crazy over the web and researched which are the players performing in the ebikes segment. I believe the era of concept ebikes are gone and real stuff must be available in the market. So here are 5 ebikes that I feel hold the key to the future of electric motorcycles. I just hope India stays in the race and make their own representation too.

These bikes are fully electric, have zero carbon emissions, eco friendly and super saving products. What we have here are FIVE electric bikes that are ideal to replace your two wheeler with.


Energica is a beautifully built street-legal electric bike

Energica is a beautifully built street-legal electric bike that offers an excellent level of power and performance. With its 100kW motor and 160Nm of torque, the Energica can hit a top speed of 220km/h and has a range of up to 150km. The bike has styling elements of a sport bike and the sound resembles a formula one car. For those who think electric bikes lack that smart look and design, you will be rethinking after riding the Energica.

The bike comes at a whopping cost of USD24000. Buyers in Europe have already booked this e-bike and deliveries will start in 2014. (Photo: Damiano Fiorentini)

Enertia from Brammo

Enertia, from Brammo is probably the best looking electric bike ever made. It has been voted electric motorcycle of the year 2010. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain® systems including the Brammo Power® battery pack and Brammo Power® vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia. The appearance of the bike is very lean and comes full equipped with instrumentation necessary to know the current capacity of the battery. The motorcycle is very swift in handling and easy to ride in traffic and congested road.

Other models available from Brammo are Enertia Plus, Enertia LE and Empulse. Their pricing starts from USD8000.



Enertia Plus Video –


Eva Hakansson believes that petrol is very ‘last century,’ and has converted a 1990 Cagiva Freccia C12R to run on battery power. The bike’s two-stroke 125cc petrol engine has been replaced with an electric motor, a controller and batteries. Built by Eva and her Dad, Sven, the ElectroCat is fitted with a Mars ETEK-RT permanent magnet DC motor, which is capable of 72V and 300-350A. This motor, which is fed by lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, pumps out around 7.5kW. The batteries take about seven hours to get fully charged, after which they’re good for 80km, provided you don’t go faster than 70km/h.


Electrocat by Eva

The ElectroCat, which weighs 165 kilos, is currently geared for a top speed of 100km/h, though that can be increased at the expense of acceleration.

ZERO DS – Dual Sport

The Zero DS is world’s most versatile electric motorcycle. Powered by the most advanced powertrain in the industry, the fully electric motorcycle can handle any surface you throw at it.

2013 Zero DS

2013 Zero DS

The bike has 120+ Mi Range / 280,000+ Mi Lifetime which is the result of Game Changing Z-Force™ Power Pack incorporated in making the motorcycle. Zero DS leverages a completely new battery cell chemistry and configuration. Not only does the ZF11.4 power pack enable you to go beyond 120 miles, it is also designed to last the life of the motorcycle. The Z-Force motor is compact, efficient and powerful. It provides you with exhilarating acceleration to a top speed of 95 mph. For the chassis, aircraft grade aluminium is exclusively used in the construction of the Zero DS twin spar frame. No compromise in braking, both wheels have powerful Nissin brakes that gives you maximum stopping power. And a unique feature, there is also a Zero Motorcycles App which gives detailed information about the motorcycle such as the time until charged, average watts per mile, total charge cycles and much more. All yours for USD10500.

KTM Freeride E

Like howKTM says it’s time for a new offroad motorcycle segment, it’s time for more motorcycle freedom! KTM Freeride E is a completely new development “made in Austria”, because an electric bike is also subject to the same requirements in terms of performance, robustness and quality as all other motorcycles that leave the factory buildings in Mattighofen.

KTM Freeride E

KTM Freeride E

The electrically driven, emission-free offroad bike with a battery that’s quickly replaced now opens up completely new fields of use in urban and suburban areas and generates greater acceptance of offroad sport. No gear box, just simple twist and have fun. The low seat height of 910 mm and weight of 95 kg turn the KTM Freeride E into a miracle of handling. Sturdy electric motor generates 42 Nm of torque from the first twist of the grip and ensures even power delivery. There is also a compact and easily replaceable battery that provides 2.1 kWh of energy for more than 30 minutes’ riding pleasure while a second battery is being charged!

The bike is soon to be launched by KTM. Price: TBA.

This post is also published in MBMW portal.

5 Things You Would like to Carry in Your Motorcycle Jacket

Dark Knight rides fully loaded with all his gizmos and gadgets. Right from the upper armour to the utility belt.

Now I’m not saying become the Dark Knight but I like the idea of having things which are most useful during a ride, to have it in the jacket. Most of them will come handy in one way or the other. Some gadgets, gizmos and utility items are good to have in your ride; kept in jacket pockets for quick. Read on, to know the 5 stuff I keep in my motorcycle jacket pockets.

Assuming you have an authentic motorcycle jacket, leather or textile, you surely will have more than just a couple of pockets. Here are 5 things that almost always come handy if you have them in your motorcycle jacket pocket.

5 Must haves in your riding jacket

5 ‘Must Haves’ in your Riding Jacket

1.    A Swiss knife – We all know how expensive this accessory is and we avoid buying it right out, but trust me, you’ll be surprised to know how very useful this tiny thing can be at the most vital moment. So when you spend big bucks on it, be assured that every penny is worth it, and of course, remember to buy the original. Fits just fine in any of the front pockets.

2.    All Season compact camera – Make memories each time you ride. A compact camera and an adventure trip go hand in hand. Taking shots, showing them off on Facebook and sharing memories — One gadget does it all. It should be in quick access for you, so put one in the front left pocket of the jacket.

P.S. Don’t let the rains discourage you. Go for an all weather compact camera for your trip photography.

3.    Bike papers – Mostly, it’s preferred that they are kept in the tool box or the space provided under the seat, but what happens in time is that, they tear, get soggy, become dirty and the ink on it fades away. Only when you are stopped for a routine check by officials do you realise that they are truly in a pathetic condition.

Also, during long distance travel, cops stop you and ask for papers while crossing state borders. Dash out the copies right out of your jacket pockets, instead of rummaging about elsewhere or worse still, instead of unpacking your stuff.

A Handy Tip: Photocopy the Insurance, Registration and License papers out on a single long sheet of paper. Fold and keep in a protective plastic cover before tucking into your jacket pocket.

4.    Spare key – You’ll kiss your spare key the moment you lose your primary key on a bike trip! When far from home, a spare key on a ride is a MUST. Best place? In the small pocket usually provided inside the jacket in the centre.

5.    Emergency Cash – It’s recommended that you always carry some spare cash apart from the wallet. Let’s assume your wallet is in your riding pants or jeans. Then, your spare cash has to be in your jacket pocket. Inside pocket preferably. In case you lose your wallet, your saviour is right there in your jacket pocket!