Bikers for Good: Respect Your Freedom – Real Bikers Respect Laws

Very recently, I along with my group, were invited to the press launch — announcement of Bike Festival of India, the very first of its kind in the country. (More on it you’ll know soon)

During the event in Mumbai, I met many fellow bikers and biking groups who had arrived from far distances. Its always a good feeling when you meet someone similar to you. Gives you a feeling of union and brotherhood.

One group I would like to mention specifically, who are not just riding but have taken up the responsibility of spreading  social message in the society. Educating people, the true meaning of ‘Bikers’.

One such club, the only club to ride for Social Cause is Bikers for Good.

Mohit Ahuja from the team shared this video with me which I was very happy to see. It was a delight and a proud feeling that someone has taken an initiative in this segment, and done very well.

Sharing here the video, for inspiration, appreciation and education.

P.S. Do share the link among like minded enthusiasts…