Sonam Kapoor Promoting Motorcycle Safety

Recently read somewhere in paper that Delhi police got Sonam Kapoor to promote two wheeler safety, especially wearing helmet issue. Sounds a good idea but I was laughing the moment I saw this below photo.

Sonam Kapoor wearing high end fashion attire promoting Motorcycle safety at India Gate, Delhi.


What is that thing on her head! At least she could have gone for a flip up helmet.
This is not exactly how an average Indian dresses up to ride everyday to work or other places. And heels! you got to be joking.

Motorcycle Safety: You may think you will always be careful while riding but there is some idiot out there who is gonna come and dash into you. Its best to spend now and get a decent helmet than spending on your hospital bill or on your grave. Women riders get yourselves a ‘face mask’ and ‘a cover for the arms’ to protect skin and hair.

If not shoes then at least a decent footwear that covers the feet 70%… is a start.