5 Things You Would like to Carry in Your Motorcycle Jacket

Dark Knight rides fully loaded with all his gizmos and gadgets. Right from the upper armour to the utility belt.

Now I’m not saying become the Dark Knight but I like the idea of having things which are most useful during a ride, to have it in the jacket. Most of them will come handy in one way or the other. Some gadgets, gizmos and utility items are good to have in your ride; kept in jacket pockets for quick. Read on, to know the 5 stuff I keep in my motorcycle jacket pockets.

Assuming you have an authentic motorcycle jacket, leather or textile, you surely will have more than just a couple of pockets. Here are 5 things that almost always come handy if you have them in your motorcycle jacket pocket.

5 Must haves in your riding jacket

5 ‘Must Haves’ in your Riding Jacket

1.    A Swiss knife – We all know how expensive this accessory is and we avoid buying it right out, but trust me, you’ll be surprised to know how very useful this tiny thing can be at the most vital moment. So when you spend big bucks on it, be assured that every penny is worth it, and of course, remember to buy the original. Fits just fine in any of the front pockets.

2.    All Season compact camera – Make memories each time you ride. A compact camera and an adventure trip go hand in hand. Taking shots, showing them off on Facebook and sharing memories — One gadget does it all. It should be in quick access for you, so put one in the front left pocket of the jacket.

P.S. Don’t let the rains discourage you. Go for an all weather compact camera for your trip photography.

3.    Bike papers – Mostly, it’s preferred that they are kept in the tool box or the space provided under the seat, but what happens in time is that, they tear, get soggy, become dirty and the ink on it fades away. Only when you are stopped for a routine check by officials do you realise that they are truly in a pathetic condition.

Also, during long distance travel, cops stop you and ask for papers while crossing state borders. Dash out the copies right out of your jacket pockets, instead of rummaging about elsewhere or worse still, instead of unpacking your stuff.

A Handy Tip: Photocopy the Insurance, Registration and License papers out on a single long sheet of paper. Fold and keep in a protective plastic cover before tucking into your jacket pocket.

4.    Spare key – You’ll kiss your spare key the moment you lose your primary key on a bike trip! When far from home, a spare key on a ride is a MUST. Best place? In the small pocket usually provided inside the jacket in the centre.

5.    Emergency Cash – It’s recommended that you always carry some spare cash apart from the wallet. Let’s assume your wallet is in your riding pants or jeans. Then, your spare cash has to be in your jacket pocket. Inside pocket preferably. In case you lose your wallet, your saviour is right there in your jacket pocket!

Taichi Drymaster Storm Jacket: A Review

You don’t want your aggressive riding jacket while riding for city meets or close destination rides.

I tested the Taichi Drymaster on road under the sun, rain and wind and it is best to go light and safe frankly anywhere.

Tiachi Drymaster Jacket
You have a motorcycle jacket which does the job while riding and touring, but most of the ones available in India, are suitable for high speed touring and aggressive riding. They are not very feasible to carry them around once you reach your destination.

Here is where the Malaysian make, Taichi Drymaster storm jacket, comes to the rescue. It’s very suitable for almost all popular riding situations – Touring, bike night or a club meet. It’s designed to be used for all kinds of riding and correspond well with the needs of riding gear. This cool, light weight jacket can easily replace the most commonly used motorcycle textile jacket.

Some Quick facts:

  • Light weight material
  • Waterproof textile
  • Removable hood
  • Front left pocket 100 per cent waterproof
  • Removable industry standard guards on back shoulder and elbow
  • Compatibility to insert front /chest guard
  • Ventilation zips available under triceps and on sides
  • Adjustable Velcro straps on wrist, arm, waist and elbow
  • Cross zip all the way to the top
  • Breathable membrane
  • Stylish and fashionable

Available colours
: Charcoal green, white black, ice red, charcoal pink, black white and black red.

I wore it during the heavy Mumbai monsoons and came home, dry and warm. After using it on a couple of rides and a few visits around the city, I can safely say that it’s best suited for short distance touring, cool city rides and meets as well as club hangouts and bike nights. Since the material is light weight, it becomes easy to walk with it and blends in with any occasion, too. It’s not too flashy. And, the design makes a style statement. I kept my iPhone in the waterproof pocket and what a relief when I found not a single drop of water had reached the handset!

However, it’s not suitable during peak summer. You can wear it on a ride but you’ll sweat profusely when walking around with it. During winter, this jacket can protect you from cold winds and snow.

Priced at approximately Rs. 10500/- these jackets are available online.

I’ll certainly recommend this jacket to every rider. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll say this one deserves 8.

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