Video: Electric Motorcycle at Its Best in TT Zero | Isle of Man 2013

If you see the records on crashes and deaths at Isle of Man TT, you’ll surely agree that IOMTT is indeed the most dangerous race in the world; yet every year there are more participants and more number of biking enthusiasts lining up for some good action.

And this year 2013, has really been exciting for the non-carbon based fuel motorcycles. Mark Miller representing team MotoCzysz E1pc, rode their electric motorcycle at the top speed of 109.675 mph to grab the 1st position at the TT Zero. In kph, that comes to 176.505

I could not find the video grab of his on-board camera but here below is of John McGuinness who came in 2nd; and it is enough to give you an idea of the 1st position.

John McGuinness represents the Honda Mugen Shinden team.

Turn on the wide screen, increase the volume and get ready for some good music to the hears.

Then later ask yourself, “Do you still think electric bikes are not fast enough?” 🙂

[vsw id=”mRrKhFAlaRw” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”338″ autoplay=”no”]


TT Zero is a event since 2010 in the Isle of Man TT races.The motorcycles participating in this category are powered without the use of carbon based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions.

Mike Miller on his electric motorcycle at TT Zero 2013
Mike Miller on his electric motorcycle in the TT Zero 2013