2013 Hyosung GT650R Review: The Roar of a Lion

The Lion is the king not by his appearance but by his glorious ROAR…

A few days back I had got my hands on the Hyosung GT650R, 2013 edition. And this was the first time I ever rode a Hyosung mid-weight segment motorcycle. The feeling was unexplainable. The 2013 model is simply a perfect sportsbike to own in our country. The look, aesthetics, styling, performance and power delivery are top notch. Here is the 2013 Hyosung GT650R review.

The Mighty Hyosung GT650R


The 647cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin motor produces 72.68 BHP of power at 9000 RPM and 60.9 Nm of torque at 7500 RPM. What that means — at a twist of the throttle you have the power to shoot beyond the imaginable speed, without even changing a single gear. The 2013 model has been tweaked and tuned to understand the Indian riding condition. Above 4000rpm the throttle is very instant. The bike reaches a 3 figure speed within 6 seconds. Although in city riding scenario you’ll feel the engine heat exiting under your thighs — an expected fact in such big machines. The top speed of the 2013 Hyosung GT 650R is just above 200km/hr.

2013 Hyosung GT650R

Styling and Suspension:

The GT 650R, 2013 is a head turner. The frontal area of the motorcycle has now been given a peak look. The headlight area is now in a V-shape over the earlier model. The whole bodywork is now leaner and clean styling finish. The new graphic work in the side panels and belly side is strikingly noticeable. Gives it a refine look. The new colour scheme is also a tip of the ice berg.

The Inverted telescopic forks in the front and linked monoshock at rear plays a vital part in the comfort riding dynamism of the motorcycle. The whole unit along with a decent ground clearance give you a bump free ride. Though on Indian speed breakers you need to be alert of the bang. Although chances are less if compared to the Kawasaki bikes.

2013 Hyosung GT650R

Braking and Instrumentation:

Would anyone complain about the braking of this beauty? Just a feather touch pull of the two fingers on the brake lever — will get this bike down towards zero. Braking is in par with this supreme mid-segment sportsbike. The life of the pads also seem to be better than the previous model. No idea about the feel in monsoon, but that is a hand in hand job with the tyres I’ll say.

Instrument console I felt could have been little more fancier. It shows all the readings that a rider needs to know, but just the look of the hardware I didn’t found impressive. I’ll give it a rating of 6 out of 10.

2013 Hyosung GT650R

Handling and Dynamics:

The 2013 Hyosung GT 650R offers pure sport handling. In the riding position you are crouched down towards the tank, which results in a aerodynamic positi0on. You won’t feel the wind drift at high speeds. Although this position is not comfortable for city riding, which means this is a highway machine. Despite being a heavy motorcycle (200+ kgs) the sheer power is supplementary in maneuvering the bike around corners. You can get in and get out swiftly.

The steel frame and upside down forks are well suited for the Indian tarmac. You get a strong feel the moment you see the bike from either sides, that this is a muscle man.The bike can take on mild bumps and speed breakers without slowing down to single figure.

2013 Hyosung GT650R

Final Take:

“Third time lucky.” — In Hyosung’s third time entry in the Indian two wheeler market, they have nailed it. From bringing in big machines and promoting the brand, they are doing it all. In this limelight the Hyosung 2013 GT650R is a worthy sportsbike to get one for yourself. If you are ready to jump in the 600+ segment then yes this machine should be in your consideration list.

The motorcycle in Mumbai comes for an on-road price of Rs.530000/- After Harley-Davidson in India, Hyosung is also the first to start a ‘Hy Ryders’ Biking Club to encourage the youth in safe and fun filled motorbiking.

2013 Hyosung GT650R with its younger sibling

Pre-requisites before buying the 2013 Hyosung Gt650R –

  1. Should be an experienced rider: One cannot just get up one morning and decide I have the money so I’m buying the GT650R. Mean machines require a grace in pulling them off with confidence.
  2. Should be ready to compromise on comfort riding in the city: Surely I don’t expect you to buy this bike for city riding but if you are thinking that you can manage in both city and the highway then keep all your expectations for the latter. Otherwise in city you’ll land up with a sore back and a very hot bike.
  3. Should be ready mentally to bear a 100cc fellow trying to race you from a signal: Yes you’ll be teased by some roadside romeo on his 100cc ‘pungi’. Answering him is not going to be worth it at all. Just to satisfy your pride you may zoom past only to find an old lady crossing the road ahead and you braking in full fish tail style đŸ˜€
  4. Should not be short in height: I’m sorry guys but anyone shorter than 5’5 feet will find this motorcycle difficult to manage. An experience rider may pull it off but why compromise so much on comfort.

2013 Hyosung GT 650R

Who should buy this motorcycle –

  1. If you have been riding a 250cc motorcycle for a while then yes this is a good upgrade for you.
  2. If your style of riding is aggressive then yes this will symbolize your personality.
  3. If you are looking to buy a rocket to travel from one metro to another then this booster belongs to you.

2013 Hyosung GT 650R

Technical Specifications of 2013 Hyosung GT 650R:

Tech specs of Hyosung GT 650R