How to Import Facebook Photos to WordPress Website

Many of my photos I have uploaded in my Facebook profile and I was looking for a way to display them in the same format on a particular page in

I googled a lot with keywords ‘Import Facebook Photos to WordPress Website’, ‘Display Facebook Photos to WordPress Website’ and so on with many variation.

I came across many plugins which showed a simple process. All I have to do is down an album sharing plug in and just start uploading. But the end result will be so that I’ll land up uploading the photos in the site as well as the fb profile.

After a lot of sourcing on the web and in WordPress plug in directory, I finally landed in FB Photo Fetcher.

This plug-in allows you the fetch all the photos from your Facebook profile on to your WordPress website easily. No hassle at all. Easy instructions to follow. Quick and effective.

Facebook Photo Fetcher

You can see on my homepage there is a tab which says photo gallery for few of my adventurous trips.

Just click on them and you’ll understand in one go, how this plug-in is of full use to a photo enthusiast blogger.