A Lazy Sunday – Bhandardara Dam

Monsoon had already come in full force and the terrain all around us was turning lush green. The weather had now turned cool and breezy – much relief from the scorching summer heat. I was eager to ride out and start my opening chapter of this year’s monsoon.


Mutual Interest 

I called a few friends to check if any of them would be interested in riding with me. Within an hour, a friend called back to confirm that he would join me. It was a date!

The Mean Machine

I have a Ninja 250R and an Impulse in my shed, but for this ride I got my hands on the Austrian beauty, KTM Duke 200. With the orange beauty, biking gears and other stuff, I was ready to hit the road.


Oops! The alarm didn’t go off! 

I tend to get up on time, however late I hit the sack, the previous night. Even if I do doze off, my dog licks my face till it’s dripping wet that I have to jump off the bed! However, this time around, I slept through the alarm and my dog chose not to disturb me just this morning! I woke up with a start only to realise that at that very moment I was scheduled to meet my friend at a common point, a good 20kms away from home! I phoned my friend and had to reset the meeting time to an hour away, despite the angry sparks that came my way!



A King’s breakfast

An hour later exactly, we met! A cordial handshake later, we mounted our bikes and rode off to Igatpuri without wasting any more time! We finally reached Manas Resort for breakfast!  The buffet served was awesome. I devoured the delicious food like never before! The next hour was a feast – neither of us spoke till we finished!

Leisure Run 

The next halt, we decided, would be Bhandardara dam, which was about 40kms from Igatpuri. This time, we rode leisurely, halted at every scenic corner and clicked away!

The road to Bhandardara is purely scenic. Waterfalls, valleys and green fields made for several beautiful photographs! We finally stopped right on a river bed. While cruising, we noticed a road near a bridge, leading down to the river bed. We simply could not resist the idea of riding down on the track and spending a few photographic moments there.


The Shocker and a quick decision

Finally, we reached the dam. Much to our dismay, though all the gates were open, there was no water.

We quickly decide to waste time no more and head straight to Malshej Ghat via Otur road. Malshej Ghat was a good 60-70kms away. The road slowly ascended up a hill and narrowed down to a single lane. What we noticed here was the terrain had not turned green yet. Dry grass lands stretched around us for over 30kms.

We decided to go off road for a while—I shot pictures, while my friend explored the hills.


Sundown and a sound sleep

By the time we reached Malshej ghat the sun had set. We snacked a little and prepared ourselves for a wet ride down the hill. The torrential rains came lashing down on us and we were wet to the bone! Once we crossed Murbad, traffic began gaining momentum and cutting through turned into a nightmare!

Nevertheless, after a day long ride, there is simply nothing like reaching home to some hot food and a warm bed, with new memories. As I texted my friend, informing him of my safe arrival home, my phone beeped with a similar message from him! I rested my head on my soft pillow and sunk further into my bed, and as I slipped into blissful sleep, I could see the snapshots of the day that had gone by, in my dream!



Also published in MyBikeMyWorld.