Photography & DSLR

Photography is one of the best activities you can do in this time. We today have the best equipment available in the market and price range is so wide, almost everyone can afford atleast one gear to get some basic stuff done. But lately a lot of focus is put on DSLR than mastering skills of photography. Everyday I see photography workshops on Facebook and other social media platforms; crash course/ 5 day course on DSLR handling. Yes today DSLR is needed to get some good results in photography. Yes its important to know your own DSLR a little thoroughly. But the catch is photography was already there when DSLR was invented. DSLR is just another instrument in photography. A convenient mode. The point I’m trying to make is that DSLR is being given too much importance and people are losing on the vital part of photography — Composition. You see if you get your composition right then regardless of whatever gear you use your result will always be a masterpiece. And then there is another problem of idiots becoming teachers of photography. Only handful of masters are left today for the large enthusiast audience.

So if you don’t want to be another monkey with a DSLR, here’s what you need to do —
  • First read a lot of photography articles on composition, posted by many masters on the web. I personally recommend Steve McCurry. No one comes close to the legendary photographer.
  • See which area you tend to like. There’s no such thing as ‘I like all kinds photography’. When you seek out the knowledge you’ll realize that certain types of photography you are enjoying more over the other. I personally love automobile and story telling presentations. Find what you like more and read what the masters have to say about it.
  • Consider how much time you want to dedicate to photography. If hardly then you can do good with a mobile camera, if some amateur level stuff then a mirrorless type cam will suffice. If going high above then only a DSLR makes sense. Full professional? Well that’s a whole different blog post. First get till level good.

Many authors write over 100 pages on just these three points; so here I’ve shortened it for you. Get some useful knowledge, get clicking, practice, take a critic and become truly good in photography. In time you’ll know the difference between good and great. The learning curve is infinite. Good Luck. If you have any doubts in your mind on which you want a second opinion, you can drop a comment here or email me via contact page.

RAJASTHAN jaunt 2012

It had been over 6 months since the Spiti Valley trip. And had just come home from Goa where I had gone for the New Year 2012. Rides were going good but still felt some thing was missing.

Just two days after this thought a friend from my first Leh trip back in 2008 mentioned about riding to the state of Royals… And yes Rajasthan plan was ON.

In just couple of days our itinerary was ready and we were ready to make the circuit this winter.

I won’t be able to make this log in a full story as I have been on a hectic schedule in recent times… so this will be a full photo feature entry.

Hope the photos are treat to the eyes…

We were 3 on two bikes. Me on Ninja 250R and Varun – Anita on the Classic 500.

Our ride went from the coldest part of Rajasthan to the remote region of Dholavira, up to the Golden city and far east to the life in the wild – Keoladeo National Park.

And so it begins on a fine morning...

Green on Green terrain


Colors of evening.

Winter effect.

View from our room, Jaisalmer fort.

The Dual.

Painted stork.


I was so jealous here...

The Model of the ride.

New Terrain.

The only photo of all 3 together.

The Blue city

Jodhpur puppets


Our machines


Checkout where my bike was parked...

Attitude parrots

Mafia stare



Mt Abu sunset

Dholavira stay

Trevor's tank

Winter effect

Fire God arrives

All dressed up

Where is the father...!! jerking..?

Umaid Palace

A Local

The Model of the trip

At Mount Abu hotel.

At top of the fort.

All twinkly

Jawant Thada

Colos of night

Check out the bull.

Light as feather I hope.

Clouds of evening

The red face monkey

Peahen beauty

Desert storm in a sand storm

Road to Dholavira

Trying the impossible.

The Green Machine

Morning sight in Dholavira

Biggest sunset of the trip.

Getting the evening colors.

Sunrise at Dholavira.

A new friend.

At the edge.

Lunch time for the kid.

Quenching thrist.

Morning flight

That will be a big hangover.

Entertainment inside fort.

The young one.


He looks tasty.

A good looking bird.

Thats the fun in wildlife photography.

Parrot home

Blending bowl.

Long tail bird

Elastic neck bird

Treading the paths of wildlife.

Fat parrot

Spotted an Orange bird.

This will make a good dog bone.

Wish I could get little more closer.

Giving a guest appearance.

Trying to camouflage.

Evening flight

White spotted deer.

Sleeping time

Sharp as it can get.


Brahmi ducks

At Ranthambore.

Looking for food.

Standing tall.

Mortal combat

Our Driver

Going offroad

Long walk

Cigarette is not the answer


Friends among, no religion bias.

Dual flight

Mirror effect

Young photographer

Dusk closing in

Best way to travel in the park.

Creepy lake

My favourite bird

Nice peak

Handsome bird

Dusk at park.

Thats a huge water tank on a remote place.

Boeing 747

The ride ended with a good note of making back together safe and sound. A new dawn awaits to head back on the highway. But until then, its the office office game in foreplay.

Happy New Year – Mandrem Beach Goa 2012

My dream was to spend New Year in Goa at least ones and finally in the end of 2011 it came true. 2012 began on the sand of Goa. A trip to remember for life time.

I’ll not go in the detailed log but I’ll just say I had lots of fun. Here are some pictures I took, they themselves will speak a 1000 words…

Happy New Year – Goa 2012


Colors of evening

Sunset of Mandrem

Flying fish

And the backflip fish.

Wave jump

Our stay in the backdrop.

Cute couple

Snake eyes and Duke.


Full English Breakfast


Kingfisher king of good times.

Run Man Run

Walk on the beach

The wind is high.


Hulk and the Gang.

Fashion angle

The clean and clear waters of Mandrem.

Cleaning time

Our stay in Mandrem

Tuna fish finger

Super Human

I want to learn this...

I love this beach

I can go flat under those shacks the whole day.

Kunal trying something, I think.

Our neighbour

The loby :-)

Night jam session

The 2nd day sunset.

What was he thinking...

For love and romance.

Goa's drink

Morning exercise

And he comes on the ground finally...

For humans and animals together...

Business as usual.

Should have carried a tripod...


All ready for tourists

Its Goa, what are you doing on the laptop...!

Power naps

Crab print..!!

Trying geometry

Looking out

A Family

I would love to have a house like this.

And they say we don't care...

He looked freaky.

Adventure is the real thing.

Ways to see...

Colors of interesting building around.

The sunsetting and flag hoisting...

A little daredevil.

A floored night

Camera shy people

Oh God no...

For the lovers and the alone.

Sales and Marketing on the beach too.

Waiting for after dark.

Boating in fisherman's boat is a fun thing to do on beaches...

Getting ready to attack me...

Here he comes again.

He looks in sun bath mood too...

All making efforts to get the sand hulk ready.

Also the croc from before.

Thirsty Hulk

DSC_1858My morning companion.

Run man Run

The Big Hulk.

A colorful morning.

Some pannings.

Oh God no again...

OMG what happened Nilesh...!

Just a fruit...

The way to ride in Goa...

The kekada man.

Shopping to make sangria

A clean and less populated beach.

I think I can settle down here ;-)

A sunset to remember.

The croc ...a practise before hulk attempt.

Brothers in arms.

Getting him out.

The art and the artists.

Cleaning after

He was totally numb.

Even they are wondering whether its real or not...

What are you trying...!!

The most common pose but still favourite.

The big leap.

The kekada man again.

The cake before we began from Vashi as it was Nilesh's birthday too.


Alien revealed

The new year creation.

The table of getting high.

Takes significant amount of the beach.

Last sunset before the new year.

In a different white balance.

The creator.

Tripod tripod tripod...where are u...

An evening to remember

Minus the water from the earlier pic.

Just before we left from Mumbai.

The zooming Palm beach highway.

Foggy cold NH-17

Bullet needs some poha.

Fixing the bikes somewhere on NH-17

Finally me in frame.

Waiting for a big wave.

Check out my footwear.

Snake eyes.

Water fun

Take off


Getting little exhausted now.

The ideal beach shoes.

Effect of very big wave.

Here comes a big one.

Full front impact.


Wave stoppin but I'm not Rajnikanth.

Water play was super duper fun.

Western style

Human whale

Martin gave this to me for my throat and it worked swell.

Tp outside shack in the night.

Gossip evening

Oh I miss this food.

My hobby and profession, the one on the left ;-)

Now I'm hungry.

The night scene.

Hilarious menu

Heading in the waters for Goa.

Return we had a warm climate.

Caught an interesting army vehicle on return.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I have decided that my New Years will be in Goa only. The fun I had here I don’t think I’ll have anywhere else.

Drift HD the compact action camera

How do you capture the picturesque scenery, when you are on a ride, and show it to your loved ones, just as you have seen it? Simple. Use an action camera.

There are several brands available in the market, and one such Drift HD, a compact action camera suitable for many rugged sports.

Some Standard Feature:

  •     Full HD video for creating crystal clear footage.
  •     More compact housing, 4.1 inches and 5.04 oz., 25 percent smaller than its predecessor.
  •     Rotatable, replaceable lens.
  •     Second rear cover to protect the camera when using an external mic or a USB charger.
  •     An integrated LCD screen for shot setup and playback.
  •     Micro HDMI connector for HDTV playback.
  •     A remote control to enable you to film what you want to record, not the boring stuff in between.
  •     New goggle strap in addition to curved and flat adhesive mounts, paired with a universal clip for multiple mounting options.
  •     Standard ¼” 20 thread for use with most tripods.

HD Drift

Additional Features:

  •     A rotating lens so you can mount the camera at any angle and any position to get that shot you are looking for.
  •     9MP still photography; put it in the photo burst mode and you can take pictures every few seconds for as long as your memory card and battery lasts.
  •     You can pair the remote control to your camera or any number of additional cameras.
  •     A digital zoom function so you can get even closer to the action, or your friend in front.
  •     A 2.5 microphone input for external microphones.
  •     Optional waterproof case to take your Drift HD to depths of up to 30m.
  •     Optional external power pack accessory, taking recording time up to 20hrs.


Of all the action cameras available in the market, I found HD Drift to be the coolest, easiest and most convenient to use. You can order online or get it from a dealer located in Bangalore –

Price: Rs. 22,000/-