Warmee up

Warmee – a handy tool for bikers born for the cold adventure.

I had received a few pouches of Warmee from their team; I had read about it and was keen to try them out this winter. From a biker’s point of view, anything that helps protect you from the cold is a must have tool in your bag. Until now, the tools referred to — thick liners or thermal wear kind of clothing.

I had no answer to anyone asking if there was anything available in the market that can work as an instant warmer thing. In fact few years back the only fastest way to get that instant warm moment was to grab hold of the bike exhaust.
Well burning fuel just to warm your hands at the chance of burning your skin, sounds so illogical.

Luckily technology has come a long way and ‘Warmee’ the latest in cold killer can cater those urge for instant heating solution.

If you see the below images of the product, the pack has all the instructions and most common questions answered, so I won’t again ponder over that part. But I’ll share my experience on how it has come to use in by motorcycle endeavors.




Winter is the season when I go on frequent rides early in the morning. Covering an average distance of 100kms is pretty obvious. Though how much I act fondly of cold weather, the single digit temperature ultimately gets you. And the primary issue lies while riding at high speeds; as all my riding gears are of mesh material, the wind really hits you hard on the torso.

Blame it on the age, very recently I have started feeling the chill on my skin. But here is a fact, I don’t intend to slow down. All I need is a solution to clear this hurdle.

So on my recent trip to Agra and Bharatpur, a total distance of 1300kms; I put two packets of Warmee in my jacket pocket. One on left and another in the right side.

Like the instructions say, it takes just few seconds to heat up. And while riding, within couple of minutes I felt a warm sensation inside my jacket. I could feel the chill disappearing on my skin. For 3 hours of riding in the morning, Warmee was at play.

Around noon when the weather was warm enough, I took the Warmee pouches out to dispose them off but wondered to see how long it stay warm before running its course! So for the time being I just kept it in my bag …and after couple of hours when we stopped for lunch somewhere on NH-8 — To my surprise, the pouch was still warm.

I can say I’m quite impressed with the new product and would recommend to fellow bikers.

I have also made a list of ideal scenarios where Warmee can come in great use –

– Camping (use inside sleeping bag)
– While riding motorcycle (like how I have mentioned)
– Bus/Cab journeys early morning or late nights, when its little over pleasant cold.
– For senior citizens who are sensitive to cold weather.
– Ladakh riders, to get some relieve from the ice cold weather at that altitude.

I’m sure there will be more number of ways Warmee can be used.

P.S. – Since it’s one time use; I strongly advice you to dispose off the pouch responsibly.

You can Buy Warmee on Amazon or Snapdeal; or you can find the store list on their website – Warmee

Warmee Pouch
Warmee Pouch


Cool toys for boys: Casio ProTrek digital watch

Here is a quick post about Casio Protrek taken from MyBikeMyWorld.com

Be it a five year old or a 25 year old, it’s an inevitable fact that toys and boys’ go hand in hand. And, for a biker when a gadget has good utility, it simply adds to the assets on his ride.One such gadget is a watch. All boys like to own a cool watch but a biker wants a utility watch. Something that gives him information that can come handy during a ride and not just display time.

Now let’s throw in some of the readings that come handy on a ride. The very first and obvious is accurate time, that too on a digital screen. Why? When you are riding at 100km/hr you want to know the time — you take a look at your watch, you want to know the time and not ‘decipher’ the time.

An altimeter: It’s good to know how ‘high’ you are especially when you are riding up somewhere in the mountains. While crossing mountain passes, the height info is good to look at. Gives a sense of achievement.

A compass: When every direction is marked in your road map app then what good is a compass in today’s age? Well, let me tell you why. An avid biker loves to wander on offbeat tracks where only eagles dare. A compass will always come in handy at such sights. The best I felt its use was inside the little Rann of Kutch.

Temperature: Be it the coldest mountains or the hottest desert, the current temperature reading will let you know how much you are bearing.

Water-resistant: Surely, you won’t take your watch off your wrist each time there is a downpour!  Invest on a 100m water resistant watch. This feature is a MUST have.

Solar powered: Don;t depend on battery alone. Solar power is a great idea!

Alarm, world time, timer and stop watch are add-ons. Useful features for everyone.

There is just one watch maker that meets all these features, plus a sturdy design to take on the rugged — Casio

Its sturdy shockproof design, reliable technology, low cost compared to other brands and maintenance free product is the ideal watch a biker should own.

And looking at the product lineup of Casio, the one that fits well in every category is PRG-110-1V.

The slim fit design incorporated with all the above features mentioned does the job for a biker.

Have a look at in-depth details at Casio India.
Casio Protrek