5 Things You’ll Love About the KTM Duke 390

Duke 390

Just couple a days ago, Overdrive published the first ride impression of KTM Duke 390 on their Youtube channel. Their auto-journalist Shumi test rode the KTM Duke 390 in Austria.

India models have only minute changes in them but overall package remain the same.

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After listening to the insights,  here are 5 things I’m sure you’ll love about the big Duke.

1. The Real Power –

It was widely discussed that the Duke 200 is powerful enough to give competition to the quarter litre segment. But I think its not a correct way to classify a bike. You are either in the quarter litre segment or not. Duke 200 where its positioned, is doing fine over there. Comparing it with Ninja 250R and the CBR 250R is just not logical.

Now finally, the Duke gets the bigger engine. The one really meant for it and this is how it should be. Duke is now ready to roll with the big boys; and who knows may be even brush off with a couple.

The power specs of the bike are so impressive that without doubt KTM Duke 390, is the real pocket rocket…

2. The Sensational Colour Scheme –

There are two bikes in India that you can spot from a mile away and immediately say which one it is — The Kawasaki Ninja 250R / 300 and the KTM Duke 200. The tradition stay on with the new Duke. The new colour scheme on the chassis and the mag wheel are really striking, loud, bright and its screening with attitude. I do hope some cool power wears are also mode available in India for this beauty.

3. The ABS Toggle Switch –

If Kawasaki would have introduced ABS in Ninja 300 for India version then I’m sure it would have been a permanent setting. But KTM has heard the tourer as well as stunters plea and the ultra advance ABS in Duke 390 has been introduced with a toggle switch. Pop a wheelie when its off or ride relaxed on wet roads with the function on. Insider say the ABS in Duke 390 is more advance than the one introduced in CBR250R. I like it, would love to experience the feeling.

4. The Tall 6th Gear –

Honestly, bikers in India are more into touring than stunts. Or the right way to put this will be the number of tourers are just more than the guys who are purely into stunting. So its obvious, the touring criteria needs a little more preference on the stock machine.

The tall 6th gear comes to give you the advantage. Truly I’ll enjoy long distance rides on this naked beast. The whole new gearbox design and performance is worth an applaud.

5. The Apt Bike for Raid de Himalaya –

In 2012, the top 6 positions in the Raid de Himalaya Rally were taken by the Duke 200. The KTM team had given full support to the participants and customized their machines as per the terrain demanded. But at the end of the day, the core component will still be a 200cc mill, on an ascended level. Overall is good deal. Yes! But still that punch factor is missing.

Now with the Duke 390 ready to roll, the challenge gets the right instrument. The pace set should be faster, quicker and rapid than ever before. I like the swiftness of this bike. You can practically imagine it.


Author: Om Vaikul

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5 thoughts on “5 Things You’ll Love About the KTM Duke 390”

  1. KTM duke 390 is mind blowing, as simply as duke 200, but here we have an option in cc is 390, i wanna to see KTM duke 390 on mumbai road, even planning to buy it.

    1. It’s surely about the cost of CBR 250R ABS version and much below the on road price of Ninja 300.

      I’m expecting it to be in the range of Rs. 2.75 to 3.25

      It will be a shocking if it turns out to be as expensive as the Kawasaki.

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