5 Supercool Electric Bikes

Lately Electric Motorcycles have been coming in my mind. So many advance and state-of-the-art bikes are coming up almost in every quarter, there is no respite when it comes to the cost of fuel nowadays. Its overall on an upscale  progress and its only going to go further up in the coming time.

So one day I just went crazy over the web and researched which are the players performing in the ebikes segment. I believe the era of concept ebikes are gone and real stuff must be available in the market. So here are 5 ebikes that I feel hold the key to the future of electric motorcycles. I just hope India stays in the race and make their own representation too.

These bikes are fully electric, have zero carbon emissions, eco friendly and super saving products. What we have here are FIVE electric bikes that are ideal to replace your two wheeler with.


Energica is a beautifully built street-legal electric bike

Energica is a beautifully built street-legal electric bike that offers an excellent level of power and performance. With its 100kW motor and 160Nm of torque, the Energica can hit a top speed of 220km/h and has a range of up to 150km. The bike has styling elements of a sport bike and the sound resembles a formula one car. For those who think electric bikes lack that smart look and design, you will be rethinking after riding the Energica.

The bike comes at a whopping cost of USD24000. Buyers in Europe have already booked this e-bike and deliveries will start in 2014. (Photo: Damiano Fiorentini)

Enertia from Brammo

Enertia, from Brammo is probably the best looking electric bike ever made. It has been voted electric motorcycle of the year 2010. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain® systems including the Brammo Power® battery pack and Brammo Power® vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia. The appearance of the bike is very lean and comes full equipped with instrumentation necessary to know the current capacity of the battery. The motorcycle is very swift in handling and easy to ride in traffic and congested road.

Other models available from Brammo are Enertia Plus, Enertia LE and Empulse. Their pricing starts from USD8000.



Enertia Plus Video –


Eva Hakansson believes that petrol is very ‘last century,’ and has converted a 1990 Cagiva Freccia C12R to run on battery power. The bike’s two-stroke 125cc petrol engine has been replaced with an electric motor, a controller and batteries. Built by Eva and her Dad, Sven, the ElectroCat is fitted with a Mars ETEK-RT permanent magnet DC motor, which is capable of 72V and 300-350A. This motor, which is fed by lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, pumps out around 7.5kW. The batteries take about seven hours to get fully charged, after which they’re good for 80km, provided you don’t go faster than 70km/h.


Electrocat by Eva

The ElectroCat, which weighs 165 kilos, is currently geared for a top speed of 100km/h, though that can be increased at the expense of acceleration.

ZERO DS – Dual Sport

The Zero DS is world’s most versatile electric motorcycle. Powered by the most advanced powertrain in the industry, the fully electric motorcycle can handle any surface you throw at it.

2013 Zero DS

2013 Zero DS

The bike has 120+ Mi Range / 280,000+ Mi Lifetime which is the result of Game Changing Z-Force™ Power Pack incorporated in making the motorcycle. Zero DS leverages a completely new battery cell chemistry and configuration. Not only does the ZF11.4 power pack enable you to go beyond 120 miles, it is also designed to last the life of the motorcycle. The Z-Force motor is compact, efficient and powerful. It provides you with exhilarating acceleration to a top speed of 95 mph. For the chassis, aircraft grade aluminium is exclusively used in the construction of the Zero DS twin spar frame. No compromise in braking, both wheels have powerful Nissin brakes that gives you maximum stopping power. And a unique feature, there is also a Zero Motorcycles App which gives detailed information about the motorcycle such as the time until charged, average watts per mile, total charge cycles and much more. All yours for USD10500.

KTM Freeride E

Like howKTM says it’s time for a new offroad motorcycle segment, it’s time for more motorcycle freedom! KTM Freeride E is a completely new development “made in Austria”, because an electric bike is also subject to the same requirements in terms of performance, robustness and quality as all other motorcycles that leave the factory buildings in Mattighofen.

KTM Freeride E

KTM Freeride E

The electrically driven, emission-free offroad bike with a battery that’s quickly replaced now opens up completely new fields of use in urban and suburban areas and generates greater acceptance of offroad sport. No gear box, just simple twist and have fun. The low seat height of 910 mm and weight of 95 kg turn the KTM Freeride E into a miracle of handling. Sturdy electric motor generates 42 Nm of torque from the first twist of the grip and ensures even power delivery. There is also a compact and easily replaceable battery that provides 2.1 kWh of energy for more than 30 minutes’ riding pleasure while a second battery is being charged!

The bike is soon to be launched by KTM. Price: TBA.

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