We Have to Survive Together

We have to exist #Together; We have to live longer & further but Together.

Have you noticed some people have this awful habit of breaking or ripping off leaves of trees around them when they are sitting idle! Much of it is from ignorance but a lot from sadist nature also.

I tried to reason with a couple and not to my surprise they did it again purposely for me to witness it.

Children do it, grown ups do it; even senior citizens want to do it but have no physical strength.

This & previous generations are now lost but care should be taken for the people of the coming time.

We need to teach them how important trees, forest cover, vegetation, anything that gives oxygen back is so important over everything else.

I mean c’mon without oxygen how are we gonna breath …and only 1 thing gives it back at free of cost.

In name of development cutting them down will not take us far; it’s time to look for sensible ways.
Otherwise, a time will come where planting a tree by every individual will be the utmost necessary task of life.