Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Backseat Bag

Most cruiser motorcycles have a back rest for the pillion rider to be at comfort during rides. But, what about the rider? If there was some cool backrest for the rider, wouldn’t that be great? I found a cool solution — A Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag!
Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag

Okay, so you are all set to cruise along on your bike, as you rest your back, right? What we have here is a bag that can accommodate your luggage, and double up as a good back rest.

Yes, you read it right, the saddlemen br4100 dresser backseat bag is the perfect accessory in the tail bag segment for a motorcycle tourer.

The sturdily constructed bag has a rigid design. You can lean on the bag even when it’s empty. The bag opens on the top, offering flexibility in packing and loading. When not on the bike, you can easily carry it by simply holding on to the handle or better still, as a backpack!

Most solo riders eagerly wish for this feature. The innumerable pouches on either sides to store things are a great boon — they can come in handy to store several things. A strap on top can hold your jacket, helmet or even perhaps a roll of sleeping bag/ tent or tripod.

There are a couple of mounting straps that tighten the bag on the rear seat. The Saddlemen BR4100 dresser backseat bag fixes on the bike securely; and what’s more, you need not worry about balance.

Tip: Pack properly — balance your items inside the bag.

Saddlemen BR4100 Dresser Back Seat Bag
Features at a Glance:

  1. Fully rigid; lets you lean against it even when empty
  2. Two tie down straps
  3. Full size top opening for easy packing
  4. Top carry handle and backpack straps for easy toting
  5. Top accessory straps allow you to add on a Saddlemen roll bag, extra jacket, etc.
  6. Extra side mesh pouches perfect for maps
  7. Constructed of UV- water- and weather-resistant 1200-denier SaddleTuff™ and leather-like vinyl panels
  8. Dimensions: 18.5” H x 21” W x 19” D; measures 4,100 cubic inches

The bag is priced at USD140 / INR7000 – shipping charges extra, of course! You can buy them from Revzilla or at Motorcycle Superstore.

Quick Mounting Tips:

  1. Pack your contents properly. It should be well balanced inside the bag.
  2. Installing luggage or placing mounting straps near the exhaust system can create a fire hazard. So make sure that after you are all set, you check if nothing is hanging close to the silencer.
  3. Always follow the manufacturer’s mounting instructions for proper installation on your motorcycle.


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Kawasaki Ninja 250R 08-11 Fender Extender

Here is my latest buy that most Kawasaki Ninja 250R riders will appreciate it. Kawasaki Ninja 250R Fender Extender.

The very day I bought the motorcycle I was instructed by the service in charge people that take good care of the grill in front of the radiator. The material is very sensitive and delicate. There have already been complains of a brand new got damaged because many spray water on the grill in full force without knowing that its gonna screw the condition of that component.

Despite by best attempts, during the bike’s first long ride I was shocked to see how exposed the radiator is to debris and destructive materials as well as the water from the front tyre.

I was surprised how come Kawasaki team did not see this coming.

By the time I reached Chandigarh Probiking from Mumbai, my bike’s 30% of the grill appeared damaged or you can say little bent.

After the trip when I returned to Mumbai I immediately Googled and landed on a page where someone was selling Pyramid Plastics Kawasaki Ninja 250R 08-11 Fender Extender.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Fender Extender

Just couple of days ago I have ordered one from eBay and very eager to resolve this issue permanently.

I recommend this product to all those who own the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Its a must have for the long live of the radiator. Surely it will keep the force of water coming up on the radiator during the monsoon, away. Will probably protect from small stones which also come flying off from the front tyre.

The online price on the eBay page mentioned is USD39 minus the shipping charges. With shipping you’ll probably get it around USD50 approximately — the total, final figure.


The Third Eye of The Biker

It’s been 10 years since I’m riding a motorcycle — in and around the city, outskirts, far distances in the state and annual long distance rides either to the Himalayas or down south. There is always a destination in mind and a craving to explore the unknown.

During these rides there were unfortunate times where I saw many accidents of my fellow riders and strangers; I myself have been in one accident where I broke my right elbow joint. It is fair to say that bikes and accidents go hand in hand. But it’s not a bad thing. We all fell ones when we were riding bicycle. So falling from a motorcycle is an inevitable fact of the two wheeler world. Although I do pray that we ride safe and be unharmed during and after every ride.

But after attending the India Bike Week 2013, first ever biker festival in India, taken place in the state of Goa I received a new insight when it comes to riding a motorcycle and motorcycle accidents.

One of the main guests in the honour roll of IBW was Subash Chandra Bose aka Bullet Bose. The man is a legend. The more you read about him the more inspired you will feel.

Bullet Bose gave a speech which I could not forget till date. His quotes, his statements became the building blocks in my head when it comes to motorcycling. His approach, his style and dressing was humble and admiring.

About today’s scenario Bullet Bose says, “Your generation is really lucky that you have best of the bikes to ride. Best of the motorcycle gear to use for protection but what the gen lacks is tolerance and patience. When the youth is speeding in city traffic, he is endangering himself and the people around him. There is frankly no need to rush unless emergency. If speed is a thrill you seek then you have hardly seen speed. And to get that perspective first hand, you need to get on the racing track. It is where you’ll not just meet speed but realize speed; understand speed… After a track experience under right guidance you won’t even bother to jump gears while riding in the street. You are above the average standard.”

Very rightly he has said that we have become impatient and wild. When riding many don’t respect the vehicles and pedestrian traffic around us. Just zip zap zoom in between them without thinking of the consequence and then one bad day… Boom… A super duper crash.

The Third Eye of The Biker

In a statement Bullet Bose also mentioned that he has been riding over 40 years now and in his racing career or while riding on the road till date not have had a single motorcycle accident.

Now this is where my previous ideology went for a toss. How can this be possible I wondered. It’s been just 10 years and already I have had my share of accident and incidents. And this guy is over 40+ mark, flawless in ways.

Bullet Bose quoted,”You the biker, should try to understand the psychology of the biker other than you.”

While riding back from Goa his quote keep hovering in my mind over and over again. It’s like it opened a third eye in me when it comes to biking.

When you put the key in the ignition, start the bike and head out on the road you need to be aware of the most non-sense thing any driver, rider or pedestrian is going to do to put you in harms way. The best way to explain or elaborate this is by seeing the movie Sherlock Homes starring Robert Downy Jr.

In the movie you’ll notice how he foresees and expects the move his enemy is going to make and imagines virtually in his mind so when the moment comes he is fully ready with an escape plan.

A biker should also open his third eye and start seeing the unforeseen.

Foresee the…

Foresee a vehicle jumping the red light.
Foresee a child crossing the road out-of-nowhere.
Foresee that you are in the blind side of the vehicle ahead of you.
Foresee the road is wet and slippery.
Foresee the oil patches in the middle of the road.
Foresee the dirt that can skid your tyre.
Foresee the potholes that can disturb your balance.
Foresee the idiot crossing the road at own leisure.
Foresee the local villager dancing in middle of the road.
Foresee yourself at the trick bend ahead.
Foresee the oncoming truck off his lane.
Foresee your overtaking smartly.
Foresee the responsibility of the pillion with you.
Foresee the car ahead breaking suddenly.
Foresee the vehicle coming from the blind side.
Foresee that there is always an idiot around.
Foresee your path.
Foresee your destination.
Foresee how much strength you have left.
Foresee when will the bike need break.

With experience there will be many more factors you’ll ‘Foresee’ yourself. Everyday you should be ready to embrace the new thing learned.

Empty the mind while riding. Forget all the thoughts and worries you are carrying in it. Just focus on the third eye and try to anticipate what’s going to take place ahead on the road.

How to Import Facebook Photos to WordPress Website

Many of my photos I have uploaded in my Facebook profile and I was looking for a way to display them in the same format on a particular page in

I googled a lot with keywords ‘Import Facebook Photos to WordPress Website’, ‘Display Facebook Photos to WordPress Website’ and so on with many variation.

I came across many plugins which showed a simple process. All I have to do is down an album sharing plug in and just start uploading. But the end result will be so that I’ll land up uploading the photos in the site as well as the fb profile.

After a lot of sourcing on the web and in WordPress plug in directory, I finally landed in FB Photo Fetcher.

This plug-in allows you the fetch all the photos from your Facebook profile on to your WordPress website easily. No hassle at all. Easy instructions to follow. Quick and effective.

Facebook Photo Fetcher

You can see on my homepage there is a tab which says photo gallery for few of my adventurous trips.

Just click on them and you’ll understand in one go, how this plug-in is of full use to a photo enthusiast blogger.