10 reasons why you should buy Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

Thunderbird 500 is the most anticipated bike from the Royal Enfield stable. It’s the first bike from Royal Enfield which has undergone significant upgrades and uprates. Many riders have their eyes set on the machine and awaiting anxiously for its launch. But for those who have doubts in their mind about the bike, then here are 10 reasons why you should buy the Thunderbird 500.

Thunderbird 500

1.    The Engine:
The 500cc loaded gun, that’s what I’ll say. Earlier there were rumors that it has the same classic 500 engine but lately news (unconfirmed) is that it might have a more perfected version of the Classic 500 engine. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure that this engine will allow the rider to take the speedometer needle up the 100 mark with just flick of the wrist. The rider now can maneuver through twisty hills and steep slopes easily. The engine has what it takes to lift the heavy beast and cater the rider’s wish promptly. The bike also has a 41mm thicker front fork and an oval shape swing arm to handle the substantial power.

Engine of tb 500

2.    Fuel Tank:
The whooping 20 litres fuel tank is a dream come true for Himalayan riders, where availability of fuel is scarce. Taking into account a worst average figure, will also deliver 500+ kms on a full tank. And carrying additional fuel in jerry cans mounted on the carrier is a boon. The rider can now actually cover 1000kms with the full tank and additional cans of 10 litres each.

Fuel tank

3.    Instrument cluster:
The twin pods located in the front suits the styling of the bike. Having the standard speedometer, tachometer and fuel indicator, the console also has two trip meters (digital) and hazard lamps (a first from RE). The fuel cap is also located on the top right side of the tank. Very similar to German bikes during World war.


4.    The Seating Arrangement:
The seat design is very similar to Harley Davidson. The rear seat now can be removed to accommodate luggage or mount a carrier. Anchors for bungee cords have been provided and the grab rail is also very useful feature for touring enthusiasts.


5.    Brakes:
What good is a powerful engine delivering high torque and taking you up to 3 figure speeds if the braking system is not top notch? The bike comes with not just front but even rear disk brake of 2-Piston caliper. It will effectively get you down under controllable speed, immediately. The rider can now experience confidence at higher speeds and during emergency braking.

Disc Brakes

6.    Tail and Headlights:
The tail lights come with LED lamp with the all new position light guides. And the headlight is the real seller. Not just having a 55W bulb but now it has a projector for the lower beam and halogen for the upper. Both working in combination to give ample spread and penetration on the road. So now night riding is fun and exciting.


7.    The New and Improved Styling:
The black finish engine, raised handle bar, redesigned foot pegs, low seat height, new mirrors are various small features which add up not just to the styling of the bike but a fatigue free riding experience.

8.    Ergonomics :
The new handlebars, foot pegs and seat have been redesigned, altered and changed for better reach and ergonomics. The bike has been designed to replicate a true touring machine.

9.    Luggage compatibility:
With the feature of removable pillion seat, now there is more compatibility to mount a carrier on the bike. Enormous space for luggage and other items is now created. Plus the bungee hooks are very useful to secure stuff using cords.

10.    Cost factor:
All this you get at a cost just 10k more than the Chrome from Royal Enfield. And the spares are also priced at fair figures.

One may raise the question that this bike is not in par with the KTM, Bajaj or Honda but a true rider will understand that Royal Enfield  cannot be compared with any other bike. It’s always the need and requirement that has to be filled much above the satisfactory level. Thunderbird 500 does just that. You can take this bike to far corners of the country at ease and comfort.

Kudos for Royal Enfield.

Author: Om Vaikul

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