10 Questions to Answer Before Buying the Ninja 300

The New Ninja 300 is the talk of the town. Bajaj made a quite press launch in Pune last week, where they mentioned the Ninja 300 is superb upgrade to the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

With all the hot topics trending around the bike, the prime one is the price that has made headlines. This baby is all your for Rs3.85 lacs on road in Mumbai.

The motorcycle looks top notch but, is the bike really for you?

Here I have put 10 question that one should ask self if he or she is considering to buy the new Ninja 300.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

The New Ninja 300

1. Do I believe I can afford this motorcycle?

In Mumbai, the bike is priced at Rs 3.85 lacs. It may even rise close to Rs 4 lakh too. The bike is expensive, spare parts are not cheap either, and service – maintenance will chew away a good amount of bucks too. However, evidently, Ninja is a name one can blindly rely on. The quality and durability of the parts are superb. Hence, it just might be worth every penny put in.

2. Do I think that the price of this bike is justified?

As already mentioned, the quality of the parts and components of the Ninja 300 are state-of-the-art. It’s rare to face an issue of a break down or a fault in power and performance aspects of the motorcycle.

The point is that a tempting refined feel of the motorcycle can be felt in the first ride itself. But somehow the price has also gone a little over the top. However, if you can fit in the bill, why not? Surely, this bike means serious business.

3. If I put little over a lakh rupees in the price of Ninja 300, I can buy a Ninja 650 instead!

That’s too subjective answer. The Ninja 300 is a racing beauty while the Ninja 650 is the sports tourer. They both differ in many aspects. It’s totally up to the individual! Just to get things in perspective, even the 250R has been taken across the country for road trips through Ladakh and Kashmir!  And, 250R is a pure track machine! Nuff said!

4. Is the Ninja 300 really worth it?

Take the pricing off the mind, just for a second. Every feature in the Ninja 300 has an analysis behind. Kawasaki have not just gotten up from a deep slumber to launch the 300. They have most definitely done their homework and brought out something they can proudly say, its the next gen of the Ninja 250R. It’s a worthy motorcycle and commands respect.

5. Does this bike satisfy my main requirement! Touring, Sport, etc?

Riders must consider asking themselves the most important question — what do I see myself doing with this bike? In India, we have riders who tour on a cruiser as well as on sportsbike. Bikers have ridden to Khardung La on a Royal Enfield as well as on a Ninja. Knowing the very purpose of buying this bike needs a serious thought.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300

6. Should I go for the KTM Duke 390 instead?

Duke 390 is the much awaited bike of the year. The price of the motorcycle is speculated to be half of what Ninja 300 is set at. If price is the only the deciding factor, KTM Duke 390 may appear to be a sensible buy!

7. What if I spend on an alternate bike and invest in motorcycle protective and safety gears!

Ninja is a bike that represents power, performance and dynamism. Your protective and safety gears should not be ignored at all. And when riding a sportsbike, you cannot go in for just any cheap — local gear or accessory. You really need to invest on proper sturdy safety products and gear. The best ones start from Rs.10000/-upwards. So, it makes sense if you consider upgrading your safety gear instead of your bike.

8. Can I afford the maintenance of this motorcycle?

Kawasaki riders already know very well how expensive the service and maintenance of the Ninja can get. The service cost itself, minus the consumables is close to Rs1000. So, we can easily expect a premium bill for maintenance on the 300 too. One good thing about the Ninja, however, is all parts and components used in the making are known for their longevity.

9. If I already own a Ninja 250R, should I upgrade to this bike? Should I pin my hopes on the Pulsar 375 instead or wait for any other bike to be launched?

Ninja 250R is already owned by many riders in India. Despite double the price of CBR 250R, the bike has a strong fan following. If a current Ninja 250R owner opts for the Ninja 300, s/he will not be jumping a big leap in terms of upgrade. Yes, everything in the new Ninja 300 just went a level higher, but taking into consideration the condition of the roads we have here, in India, Ninja 250R lives up to the highest expectation.

Pulsar 375 will be out by 2013 year end. One never knows what cards Bajaj intends to play. It may be well worth it to wait and watch before making the final decision.

10. Should I take a test ride first! Or wait for some user reviews to come out!

There are some motorcycles which you just have to take a look and end up feeling yes, this bike is made for me. It’s rather difficult to explain but, for instance, there are many who have felt this when they saw the KTM Duke 200 first. Do you feel the same about the Ninja 300? This one has to be answered by the individual. Whether to test ride it? Whether to read up rider reviews?

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300

These are but just simple guidelines before taking the big plunge. It’s best to analyse it on an individual basis. Pretty soon I’ll put the first ride review of the new Ninja 300. Visit Wanderlust Biker later again.

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