10 Kinds of Bikers I Have Met Till Date

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The social media has really made new speed records in connecting people. I started motorcycling 3 years prior to the time when social media kicked in.

Platforms like Facebook and Online Forums has connected us with like minded people around the country; for some even around the globe. With its help I too was able to get in touch with so many bikers than I ever could have.

The journey began from riding with a close group of college friends to big group rides, rallies and festivals. I realized we are so many in numbers.

As years went past, so did my liking for keen observation; I kind off figured that we have a breed among ourselves in this two wheeler world.

Based on my observation, here are 10 kinds of Bikers I have met till date.

1.) The Obvious Showoff


Somewhere in our time all of us have been in this category for a span. Showing off intentionally or unintentionally was the first days of our biking. Be thankful if you exited this category sooner than ever.

These kind just love showing off, forever. They are into biking for nothing more than seeking attention. The word ‘Showoff’ is enough to give you the whole picture.

You can spot these guys easily when they are in front of you and usually are dum dum.

2.) The Wrong Company


Pure criminals; they ride Motorcycle for the only purpose of theft. They even steal them and participate in petty to moderate crimes in the neighborhood. A shame and nuisance to the society and give a bad name to the ideology of Bikers.

Beware of these kind. Don’t get yourself in trouble.

3.) Know it All

know it all

These kind have done some biking. By ‘some’ I mean a 2-3 years of active riding. They are in the primary standard but act like they have PH.D; they love to project that they know it all. They dwell on half knowledge and try to act winners by demotivating the fellow rider. They only make wrong decisions and justify why it was right thing to do. Never a team player and insecure riders. Very weak and jealous emotionally. Pure backbiters.

Beware and don’t bother to argue with them. Otherwise the idiot will bring you down to his level.

4.) Fame Gamer


They have nothing much on biking, but they know all on how to stay in the limelight and be the most talked person. These kind have huge fan following and you wonder how the hell that happen. Rarely you’ll see them riding but find them very active on social media.

Riders love them, hate them and can’t ignore them.

5.) Dhoom Effect

dhoom face

These guys are purely into biking because of Dhoom movie. John Abraham is their ideal or Aamir Khan off lately. The character which these actors portray becomes their role model. They know shit about motorcycling and most of the time land up crashing.

You’ll find them after dark, indulged in some illegal street racing activities. A menace to pedestrians, society and to the men of law enforcements.

6.) Newbie Rookie


These have just started biking and have great potential. World is often unkind to them and don’t welcome in the group easily. Some are even ragged by elder riders and most of them are treated with the kids attitude. ‘Bacha hai woh’; Let me rephrase, ‘Naya hai woh’.

But these are the ones who turn out to be great leaders and trend setters. They surprise everyone with their performance and make the competition worry about.

They enjoy what they do and don’t get bothered by what the world thinks of them.

7.) The Professional


The fastest of the lot. These guys are here purely for the sport. They have enrolled in racing schools, learned from the best and practiced on the track to be the awesome in racing.

Motorcycling is passion, motorcycling is their profession. They are the real celebrities of the two wheel world.

8.) The Stunter


Each one from this category have weird looking motorcycles; but that’s because they have done exclusive mods for pure stunting. Believe me when I say, this is a tough category. Each one of them has fallen, broken, hurt themselves and risen from the ground to get back at it again… and again.

The best ones practice daily and are creative in making something new happen on two wheels. They have no interest in any other kind of Biking.

9.) Adventure Junky


These kind are the coolest. Motorcycle means adventure to them. Finding new routes, exploring new trails; traversing across the land is their only Mojo. They respect everyone around and expect nothing back. They are strongest when it comes to endurance and are quite seasoned.

You see them walking or taking public transport when heading to work and going to local places around; the bike only comes out when it’s the weekend and time for some adventure ride on the offbeat track.

10.) The Real Deal


The hardcore and the elite group. These guys have seen it all and done it all; they have even been to the dark side and returned to tell the tale. Their lives are legend and their lifestyle a reason of inspiration and envy for the others. They are often great role models and guide a fellow rider aptly.

The average people refuse to believe such personalities exist in today’s time. These guys have a genuine fan following and are often soft spoken. Modesty and kindness are their natural traits.

Not all of us who began our two wheel endeavor, reach this position.

P.S. You’ll definitely meet many assholes who declare they are at this level. ๐Ÿ˜› — Beware… ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: Om Vaikul

Biker, blogger, photographer, travel enthusiast... A wanderlust soul.

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  1. Nice. I knows few guys who fit in somewhere there but I don't seem to fit anywhere (:)) ie a guy who loves to ride and doesn't give a damn about anything else ie types or categories.

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